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Recent Reviews

Mara | Student

"The activity with the instructor Abbie was very fun, I really liked how she kept motivating us and how at the end everyone started participating and we started to solve every exercise faster."

Belmin | Student

"In my opinion schools should encourage such forms of learning more, especially when students are trying to become fluent in a language."

Lucie | Student

"I really enjoyed working all together to solve a problem because I personally think that it brings us together as a class too. What I also really enjoyed was Abbie’s motivation to work with us and in general I thought it was a very fun activity because it was more out of the ordinary to what we usually do. So I definitely had a lot of fun and would do it again."

Mattéo | Student

"I really liked the escape room yesterday, it was a lot of fun. It was something different and the inspector played her role really well without giving too many advices when we were stuck so that we still had to think ourselves."

Lena | Student

"I really liked yesterday's activity! Abbie was very nice and super motivated... I really had fun working together as a group! I hope we will be able to do more of these kind of activities in the future."

Lore | Student

"For me yesterday was a lot of fun, a great way to change up the lessons. It was for sure the right way to motivate students to speak English and to work as a team. I would surely welcome the idea of doing these sort of games again."

Stephany | Student

"I liked the escape room activity because I have never done an activity like that in school. The activity is also a good method to improve our English. I think we all had fun because we had to work together and I would like to do such activities more often."

Chiara | Student

"I think that the escape room was really fun. It was a well organised and we got to work as a team, which was really nice. I enjoyed it, because it was something we actually never do at school. The woman who organised the whole escape room was very friendly and made it even more fun."