Mandarin Yes, But No More Oranges! (China)

August 31, 2017

After a long, but smooth 10 hour plane journey, Joe and I landed at Beijing international airport. The next 24 hours were a whirlwind of visiting the local market, learning some basic Mandarin, sorting out a Chinese SIM card and learning the wonders of WeChat (an app that allows you to pay for things in shops/taxis/meals without the need for money or a card!)


These last few days have been very much about learning as fast as we can! We ventured out food shopping alone, which may seem a breeze until you realise absolutely no-one in the market speaks a single word of English. Translating apps have been our best friend, and learning the various gestures which represent numbers 1 to 10 has definitely helped! Especially when we didn’t quite get the correct tickets for the Beijing subway and Joe and I ended up separated for half an hour…you live and learn haha! The Mandarin learning in our house has certainly been stepped up a notch!


In comparison to the UK, so far one of the main things we’ve noticed is that food is very reasonably priced! Well, that is except oranges… after spending almost £8 on a bunch of the citrus fruits at the local market, we’ve made a rule: No More Oranges!


Joe and I start getting stuck into drama workshop fun at Ginger Cat Arts Education tomorrow... watch this space!


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