Britannia Rules the Digital Waves! (China)

October 9, 2017

This week the Chinese celebrated the Moon Festival, with many people enjoying a week off work - but for Joe and I, no rest for the wicked! However, amongst 5 days of workshop planning on Superheroes and picture books, we’ve still managed to fit in some time for exploring.


We visited Chaoyang’s Sun Park which was filled with everything from multicoloured water fountains and toy shops to art exhibitions and a theatre on an island. Once we'd finished exploring we had anther go at Jianzi. I think you’ll agree there’s been a bit of improvement since our first attempt! What do you mean why is it only Joe in the video…?



We also visited Beijing’s famous 798 Art District which was like the Edinburgh Fringe of modern art. One highlight was Team Lab’s ’Living Digital Forest and Future Park’ - an immersive experience created using multiple projectors, screens and rooms.



One of the best things in the exhibition was being able to draw a picture which was ‘brought to digital life’. See below my very patriotic squid…



Yesterday we went to the centre of Beijing for some good ol’ retail therapy. Since Joe’s ukulele purchase, everything in our house seems to be expressed through song at the moment… yep, this blog was a song before it was written - oh the hours of fun! (This is what happens when there’s torrential rain outside, we can’t understand anything on Chinese TV and we’re on our 50th round of Uno… help!) I’ll be an expert in the four chords song before you know it!


In other news… I’ve decided to take up dancing en pointe. Not sure I should be doing it in jeans, but I got too excited when the shoes arrived in the post!



























And this week on ‘Interesting Foods Tried In China’, Joe is definitely winning:


Joe: Chicken foot, pork stomach, lamb lung, lamb kidney

Abbie: Custard filled bun and coconut jelly…


Any guesses as to who is most likely to become vegetarian when they return to the UK?


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