Don't Use Cellphones During Thunderstorms!

January 15, 2018

Oh hey there! Long time no see… It’s been a busy couple of months here, so my blog has fallen a little by the wayside! It’s seems strange to talk about Christmas now, so maybe I’ll just call it the 25th of December! (Even though most of Beijing still has festive lights up!). 



Joe and I had a great time devising the first ever ‘25th of December’ show for Ginger Cat!

The staff members played toys who’d fallen off Santa’s sleigh and had to complete many challenges when they met different characters (the students) on their journey to Beijing. Ginger Cat got wonderful feedback from the parents and the children won’t stop asking us when the next show is! 





I mentioned in my previous blog that I went to see a performance by Beijing Improv. Since then, I’ve joined their Wednesday workshops! It’s been great to experience different drama games lead by different facilitators from both China and the US. It’s always great to see how drama can bring people together even when half of the participants speak Chinese and the other half speak English! 




Caption for this photo anyone?








Meanwhile, I’ve still taken as many opportunities as possible to be a tourist-y whilst I’m here! I’ve been to the Summer Palace, some hot springs and had an explore of some more of the hutongs. In one of the hutongs we came across a shop which sold traditional Chinese shadow puppets. They were made from leather and painted with vivid colours. Here’s a picture of Joe and Angel having a go, before quickly putting them back after hearing the price…



I took a trip to see Solana’s Light Festival which featured a huge hanging piece of art called 1.8. The name of the 180ft structure is said to be inspired by the microseconds that the world was shortened by as a result of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Apparently the colours can be controlled via a smart phone app!



I also took another trip to the Great Wall - when in Beijing eh?! No matter what time of year, it never ceases to amaze! One thing I have discovered though, it that it’s definitely a lot less busy when the temperatures hit the minus numbers! Brrr! 



I've found some of the signs here quite amusing, normally because of mistranslations, but in true dramatic style, I couldn't leave this one without taking a photo...



Ever thought about going on holiday where the temperature will be minus 20 degrees celsius? No? Surely no-one would do that intentionally... right?


I’ll tell you all about that crazy adventure in my next blog! 




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