A Weekend in Hong Kong

June 20, 2018

Last weekend I jetted off to Hong Kong to check out the soaring skyscrapers, peaceful parks, and of course the bright neon lights. Not long after touchdown, I had to scout out the performing arts centre (of course), and what a spectacular building it was!
















(Hong Kong Cultural Centre)


It was wonderful to see a very different style of performance outside the Cultural Centre at 8pm: Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights, which involves many of the cities tallest skyscrapers being lit up in time to music. What a unique experience!


(Symphony of Lights)


As I took the funicular up to Victoria Peak, it became apparent that one of the most impressive features of Hong Kong is its incredible views. Unfortunately, the smog levels weren’t amazing, but you can still get an idea of how far you could see on a clear day.


(View from Victoria Peak)

(c) Abigail Moore Photography


Another famous peak I was recommended to visit was the top of the escalators - apparently, the Central-Mid-Level escalators and walkway system is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world! It covers over 800 meters in distance and 135 meters in elevation. Sneakily what my friends didn’t tell me was that the escalators only go in one direction, so I spent the next half an hour walking down the steps to get back to where I started haha!


(I mean, it just looks like an escalator really...)





The last day I was in Hong Kong was a very special day - the national Dragon Boat Festival! I managed to track down the action on Stanley Beach, and like all dedicated photographers including this one here, I too was in the water when I took these pictures!





(Dragon Boat Races) 


(Dragon Boat Races) 






Other firsts I achieved on this trip:


1. Tried Hong Kong’s famous egg tarts


2. Dined at a Michelin star restaurant


3. Took a trip on a 'junk' boat





I'll leave you with a picture of my view from the junk boat...



Until next time! 



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