Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't Hello Drama bring performances to schools?

We believe that students learn best through doing not just watching. Our workshops encourage active participation and challenge students to communicate in English (no matter what their level is). We encourage students to ask questions and try new things so that they can leave the workshop feeling more confident in their abilities than when they entered.

How do I book a workshop?

Fill in this form or drop us an email: info@hellodrama.co.uk. One of our wonderful team members will be in touch with you soon.

How much does a Hello Drama workshop cost?

Online workshops CSI London and CSI London Extreme are priced at €5 per student. Minimum number of students: 7 Maximum number of students: 14 Have more than 14 students? We have free solutions! Send us an email: info@hellodrama.co.uk In-person workshops In-person workshops are paid for by day, not per individual workshop. We can work with between 1 and 4 different classes per day, depending on what you would like. 4 x 60 minute taster workshops = €390 - Up to 4 different classes 3 x 90 minute intensive workshops = €390 - Up to 3 different classes 1 x 5 hour masterclass = €450 -1 class Doesn't work with your timetable? Drop us an email, we can be flexible with timings.

Would a Hello Drama facilitator come to my school?

Yes! If you work in a secondary school in Belgium or Luxembourg, we'll be there! Please note: Depending on current regulations, we may only be offering our online workshops. Either way, workshops will be happening! Drop us an email to find out more.

What type of space would you require?

Ideally a large classroom with all of the chairs and tables pushed to the side. Having the same classroom for the whole day is preferable, but not essential.

Can I find out who my Hello Drama facilitator will be?

Yes, of course! Upon booking the workshop, we'll let you know which of our fabulous facilitators will be heading to your school. If you would like to request the same facilitator again, just drop us an email and we'll do our best to make it happen.

What if my students' English isn't good enough?

Fear not! We can advise which workshops are suitable for your students to ensure they get the most out of their Hello Drama experience. We have worked with students of all levels. We will be in touch a few weeks before your workshop to find out more about the needs of your students. Feel free to send us an email if you're unsure about suitability.

How many students can participate in a workshop?

In-person workshops: With one facilitator, up to 18 students. With one facilitator and one assistant, up to 30. We ask that a member of the school staff is present at all times. Online workshops: Minimum 7 students, maximum 14 students Have more than 14 students in a class? We have free solutions! Drop us an email.

What if I have a question that's not covered here?

Drop Abbie an email and she'll be happy to help: abbie@hellodrama.co.uk

Are the sessions really all in English?

Yes. We find that this is the quickest way for students to learn. All Hello Drama facilitators are trained specifically in running drama workshops for students learning English as a second (or third!) language - it's what they do best!

What happens after I book?

Either Abbie or Liz will be in touch to organise everything for your Hello Drama day. Normally details will be sorted via a few emails, with a short phone call a 3-4 weeks before the session so that you meet your facilitator and we can find out about the needs of your classes. We understand teachers are very busy people, so are happy to work around you.

Have workshops been paused for Coronavirus?

Online workshops are still continuing! Hooray! In-person workshops may currently be on pause. We are following government and school guidelines. In the meantime, check out CSI London, our online escape room style workshop.