About Us

What does Hello Drama do?

We run drama-based workshops in schools across Belgium and Luxembourg. The workshops are delivered in English by one of our native speaking performing arts professionals from the UK.

What are Hello Drama workshops?


Our workshops are sessions, normally between 45 mins and 2 hours, in which students are encouraged to develop a skill whilst practicing their spoken English. Skills range from improving teamwork to building confidence and analysing Shakespearean texts. 

Check out our available workshops here, or enquire about a tailor-made session here.

Why Hello Drama?

Our facilitators have heaps of experience delivering workshops for students learning English as a second language (or third, or fourth!)


We aim to create supportive environments where young people are encouraged to ask questions, practice their English and have so much fun that they forget they are learning.

Hello Drama Primary School Workshop

Our Team 

Who's who in the world of Hello Drama

Abbie Moore

Creative Director

Favourite Food: Speculoos Biscuit Spread

Favourite Workshop: Against The Clock

Desired Superpower: Teleportation

Liz Van Ingen

Head Workshop Programmer

Favourite Food: Banana Bread

Favourite Workshop: Once Upon A Time

Desired Superpower: Flying

Will Isgrove

Artistic Associate

Favourite Food: Bolinhos de bacalhau

Favourite Workshop: Staging Shakespeare

Desired Superpower: Telekinesis

Alex Stuth

Education Associate

Favourite Food: Spätzle

Favourite Workshop: Against The Clock

Desired Superpower: Perfect Memory

Jade Smart

Drama Facilitator

Favourite Food: Pastel de Nata

Favourite Workshop: Say Yes! - Improvisation

Desired Superpower: Ability to speak all languages

Izzy Hatton

Drama Facilitator

Favourite Food: Spaghetti agilo e olio

Favourite Workshop: De-Coding Shakespeare

Desired Superpower: Breathing Underwater

Cezara Popovici

Workshop Assistant

Favourite Food: Melanzane parmigiana

Favourite Workshop: Teambuilding

Desired Superpower: Telepathy

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info@hellodrama.co.uk   Based in Norfolk, UK - Working in schools across Europe

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