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CSI London Workshops (Online)

An online, interactive escape room workshop for students learning English.

Can your class solve the crime before the 50 minutes is up?

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Our workshops are designed by experienced theatre professionals

and English teachers, for students learning English as an additional language.

Our online workshops are available to schools across the world.


CSI London


There has been a murder in a pharmacy basement. Work live with the British detective to find clues and catch the murderer.

Options: 50 or 60 mins

Intermediate / Advanced

Price: €5 per student


CSI Shakespeare (Online)

A fantastic introduction to Romeo and Juliet. Your class work as detectives to identify the murderer, their motive, the weapon and the victim.

Options: 50 or 60 mins

Intermediate / Advanced

Price: €7 (approx £6 in UK) per student

Drama workshops with British theatre professionals

We run English-language drama workshops in Belgian and Luxembourg secondary schools.

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English language drama workshops for team building, self-confidence and creativity.

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A super dynamic workshop guaranteed to make every timid or reticent student burst into enthusiasm!

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