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CSI London

Murder in the basement of a pharmacy. Work live with the British detective to find clues and catch the murderer before time is up.

Length: 50 or 60 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced

Location: Classroom / Zoom


CSI Shakespeare

A fantastic introduction to Romeo and Juliet. Your class work as detectives to identify the murderer, their motive, the weapon and the victim.

Length: 50 or 60 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate /Advanced

Location: Classroom / Zoom

Just because we're in lockdown, it doesn't mean we can't have fun...

Socially Distanced Workshops

Until June 2020, these workshops will be only be delivered by
Creative Director Abbie who is based in Belgium.

1. Choose your day plan:


4 x 60 minute workshops 

4 different classes 

1 school day


(€98 per hour)


3 x 90 minute workshops

3 different classes

1 school day


(€87 per hour)


1 x 5 hour workshop

1 class

1 school day


(€90 per hour)

2. Choose your workshops:

The following workshops are available for:




Pick Me!

A low pressure workshop packed with English-based drama games for the whole class. 

Options: 60 or 90 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Hello Drama Shakespeare Worksop

Intro to Shakespeare


Introduce your class to Shakespeare in an active workshop filled with Shakespearean insults.

Options: 60 or 90 mins

Difficulty: Easy - Intermediate


Against The Clock

An escape room style workshop that encourages even the shyest of students to speak in English in front of their classmates.

Options: 60 or 90 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate


Staging Shakespeare


An introduction to Macbeth, focusing on body language and how important it is for understanding Shakespeare.

Options: 60 and 90 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate


Intro to Improv

Focusing on teamwork, making quick decisions and accepting the ideas of others. 

Options: 60 and 90 mins

Difficulty: Easy - Intermediate


Radio Shakespeare

(The Tempest)

Create a Shakespearean

radio play. Explore how

you can use your voice to

de-code Shakespeare. 

Options: 60 and 90 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

The following workshops are available for:


Improvisation Masterclass

This masterclass takes students through a whirlwind of games and exercises to show them the tricks of an improviser.

Length: Up to 5 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shakespeare Masterclass

This masterclass is packed with loads of tools and tricks to

de-code, understand and 

perform Shakespeare.

Length: Up to 5 hours

Difficulty: Advanced


3. Choose your dates:

4. Have a cup of tea

Sit back and relax. A member of our lovely Hello Drama team will be in touch soon.

Creativity and fun

"It is inclusive of all abilities, workshops are packed with creativity and fun and the workshop leaders are always on hand to support the participants. Furthermore founder Abbie is fantastic with the young people and inspires us with every project."


- Carolyn Peters

On Stage @ The Fisher Theatre

(Belgium-UK Theatre Exchange Project)

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