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Intro to Improv

Learn The Tricks Of An Improviser
Workshop Focus: Teamwork / English Practice / Creativity
60 mins and 90 mins options

Accepting the ideas of others can often be a challenge no matter how old you are!


This workshop focuses on making suggestions and being supported by the rest of the class. 


Your Hello Drama facilitator will set the workshop up as a safe space to try new things and be supported by others. They will work with your students on playing with body language and use of voice, all whilst speaking in English.


The group will soon find that they need to make quick decisions and collaborate on them in order to work as an effective team.


We will introduce the ‘yes and’ concept, and will focus on the importance of miming objects clearly in a form of theatre where you don’t have props to help you!


This is a playful workshop, which encourages even the shyest of students to step out of their comfort zones.


Looking for the next level up? Check out our Improv Masterclass.

What makes this workshop special?
Designed by Abbie Moore the founder of Hello Drama. Abbie has learnt with, and delivered workshops for, Beijing Improv (China's oldest improvisation troupe) and has taken classes with Chicago's Second City.


One large classroom

Up to 18 participants*


English Level:


A2 - B2 (CEFR)


We will contact you before the workshops and can adjust the content to match the needs of your class.


Workshop Length Options:


60 mins

90 mins

Included in:

Taster Workshop Days

= 4 x 60 mins workshops for €390 (excl. VAT)

Intensive Workshop Days

 = 3 x 90 mins workshops for €390 (excl. VAT)

(You can mix and match workshops)


Check out our FAQs or send us an email!

*If you need to add more, just let us know. We can arrange for two facilitators to be in the workshop. 

"This workshop has been so much fun! It is very interesting to try so many techniques through hilarious games that make you not even realise how much you are learning from them."

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