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British Idioms

Bringing British Idioms to the Classroom
Workshop Focus: Teamwork/ British Idioms / Confidence-building
90-minute option only

So we've all heard of 'it's raining cats and dogs', but what about 'put a sock in it' or

'what a load of codswallop'? Working in teams, students race to crack codes, uncover clues and solve puzzles that unlock some of our favourite British idioms. 

Using these British idioms, and the help of a British theatre facilitator, students are challenged to make, polish and perform, their own dramatic scenes. Get ready for competitiveness, silliness and laughter.

This is not an easy workshop and is only recommended for students with an upper intermediate or

advanced English level.

Language Focus:


  • British idioms

  • Creating a script

Drama Skill Focus:


  • Teamwork

  • Confidence building

  • Creative thinking

English Level:

  • Upper intermediate

  • Advanced

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  • One large classroom

  • An ideal maximum of 18 participants, but an absolute maximum of 21

Workshop Length Options:

90 mins only

Included in:

Intensive Workshop Days

 = 3 x 90 mins workshops for €390 (excl. VAT)

(You can mix and match workshops)


Check out our FAQs or send us an email!

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"Whether you want to focus on building trust, bringing energy into a group or reviewing vocab, Hello Drama's got a drama game for you." - Mvr Ermens

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