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CSI: The 7 Suspects

Complete the challenges and expose the criminal
Workshop Focus: Crime / Teamwork / Clear Communication / English Practice 
90-minute workshop

A famous painting has been stolen and time is ticking. Pieces of evidence have gone missing and need to be identified. CCTV footage has been deleted and needs to be recovered. Some people's alibis don't match up. It's time for your English students to put on their detective hats and solve the crime. 

Your students will be challenged to communicate clearly using the English skills they already have. They will work in teams, and with the help of one of our theatre professionals, they will create some mini theatre sketches and perform them in front of the group. They'll learn about some of the wackiest crimes of all time, and hopefully, after solving all of the challenges, discover which of our seven suspects has stolen the painting.

The workshop is delivered completely in English by one of our native English theatre professionals.

Language Focus:


  • Crime vocabulary

  • Asking questions

Drama Skill Focus:


  • Clear communication

  • Playing a character

  • Devising a mini performance

  • Confidence building

English Level:

  • B1 - C2

Crime Scene Tape

One large classroom

Ideal maximum: 18 participants, absolute maximum: 21

Workshop Length Options:

90 mins 

This workshop Is Included In:

Intensive Workshop Days

 = 3 x 90 mins workshops for €390 (excl. VAT)

(You can mix and match workshops)


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