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Collaboration with Talbot House - 'A British Day'

I am very excited to announce that Hello Drama is once again working with Talbot House in Poperinge to provide theatre-based workshops as part of the museum's 'British Days' for secondary school students.

I think we're all aware that Brexit has caused quite a few issues for schools wanting to take their students on the annual London trip... What if there was a way to get a snapshot of the UK without the hassle of passports? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out the video:

Talbot House's British Day Timetable:

9:15 Optional: English breakfast

10:00 Reception in the Concert Hall with a short briefing outlining the day

10:15 Workshop 1

11:15 Break with British garden games

11:30 Workshop 2

12:30 Lunch break with sing-song on the wartime piano. Bring your own picnic, or

alternatively, lunch can be provided by Talbot House.

13:30 Workshop 3

14:30 Afternoon tea break with scones

14:45 Workshop 4

15:45 Rounding-off and departure

You can choose up to 4 different workshops for your students to take part in. They are all led by native English speakers or professional English teachers. Abbie will be running all of the Hello Drama workshops.

Up to 80 students from your school can take part in a single British Day. You can decide when it takes place, although there's limited availability, so get in touch with Talbot House soon!

The Hello Drama Workshops Available at Talbot House:

1. Radio Shakespeare (60 minutes)

Level: Advanced

Info: This workshop focuses on bringing a piece of Shakespearean text to life through the use of voice. Guided by a British theatre professional, students will begin by exploring the power of body language and use of voice by making their own scenes packed full of Shakespearean insults. They’ll learn how to create a soundscape and in groups will devise their own. By the end of the workshop, students will have a good understanding of a scene from Macbeth and will have worked in teams to create their very own radio play. If time allows, they can even perform their scene in front of the class.

2. British Food Workshop (60 minutes)

Level: Intermediate

Info: This escape room style workshop encourages students to work as a team as they 'travel across the UK', exploring the country’s traditional dishes and snacks. Will they complete the challenge before time is up? This workshop includes some taste-testing of three different British snacks and the opportunity to ask questions about anything food-related. What better way to practice your English than through code-cracking and theatre exercises with a British theatre professional? This workshop is designed as a relaxed and playful way to refresh English vocab and to learn about British culture. We will set up the workshop as a safe space to try new things supported by the rest of the class.

3. Against the clock (60 minutes)

Level: Intermediate

Info: This escape room style workshop challenges students to work as a team to complete a range of theatre-based exercises before time is up. The extra challenge? No Dutch allowed! In this playful workshop, led by a British theatre facilitator, every student has their moment to speak out in front of the group. You may be surprised by how well your confident students support their shyer peers, as they realise that everyone plays a part, and there’s no time to spare. If the team manages to complete all the challenges, solve the clues and open the padlocks, they will uncover a hidden surprise!


Availability depends on the workshop leaders as well as Talbot House.

Most months are possible but the dates listed below stand the best chance:

  • September 2023: Monday 25th - Friday 29th September

  • November 2023: Monday 13th - Friday 17th November and Monday 20th - Friday 24th November

  • March 2024: Monday 4th March - Friday 8th March and Monday 11th March - Friday 15th March


The price depends on the workshop options chosen. More info and bookings:

Full Overview

All the info can be found on Talbot House's website:

Will we see you soon for your British Day?




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