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Romeo and Juliet

A Perfect Introduction to the "Star-Crossed Lovers"
Workshop Focus: Understanding Shakespeare / Creativity / Teamwork
60 mins and 90 mins options

After an introduction to the key moments in Romeo and Juliet, the class are introduced to Shakespeare's language one step at a time. The quickly learn the importance of making a character's intentions clear and explore the tools they have as actors to do this effectively.

With simple and clear instructions from the facilitator, the students create their own Shakespearean scenes giving them ownership over his words. Finally, the group will move on to exploring different intentions and experimenting with these in the context of a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

As the teacher, you may chose between an extract from the balcony scene or a fight scene. 

By the end of the workshop they will have understood a piece of Shakespearean text and worked in pairs or small groups to bring it to life. 90 minute workshops will give more time to explore the text.

Something Special:


This workshop was designed by our creative director, Abbie. Abbie has been a speaker at Shakesperia Theatre Festival in Russia and regularly delivers workshops for the world's largest youth drama festival, the Shakespeare Schools Festival.



One large classroom

Up to 18 participants*


English Level:


Intermediate to Advanced


We can use original Shakespearean text or modern day translations depending on your aims.


Workshop Length Options:


60 mins - Taster

90 mins - Intensive

Included in:


Taster Workshop Days

= 4 x 60 mins workshops for €390 (excl. VAT)

Intensive Workshop Days

 = 3 x 90 mins workshops for €390 (excl. VAT)

(You can mix and match workshops)


Check out our FAQs or send us an email!

*If you need to add more, just let us know. We can arrange for two facilitators to be in the workshop. 

"Whether you want to focus on building trust, bringing energy into a group or reviewing vocab, Hello Drama's got a drama game for you." - Mvr Ermens

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