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Shakespeare Day

A Shakespearean Masterclass
Workshop Focus: Understanding Shakespeare / Creativity / In depth work
Up to 5 hours in one school day

Looking for a special introduction and exploration of the work of the Bard? Look no further.

The day kicks off with students becoming aware of the tools they have as actors and the importance of body language, use of voice and clarity of communication. 

We progress onto exploring the status of characters and the presence of status shifts in Shakespeare. Continuing work with the body, we look at the use of mime, and how it can be used to solve problems that Shakespeare presents us with. For example, how can we present a ghost on stage without having someone stand with a white sheet over their head?

Students will experiment with a whole toolbox of activities to explore a script. They are guided by our experienced facilitator to work on these tools in groups and bring  three pieces of script to life.


Extracts used in this masterclass are from Macbeth, the Tempest and Hamlet.

By the end of this masterclass students will have:


  • Understood the importance of body language, use of voice and gestures

  • Understood three extracts of Shakespeare

  • Insulted each other in Shakespeare's words

  • Devised an original scene using Shakespearean dialogue

  • Experimented with mime in Shakespeare

  • Explored status and its role in Shakespeare

  • Created a radio play

  • Worked in teams

  • Practiced their English with a native speaker

  • Gained their very own toolbox of devices to explore a play (not just a Shakespearean play)

  • Gained the ability to bring a piece of Shakespearean text from the page to the stage

Something Special:

This masterclass has been designed by our creative director Abbie. Abbie has been a guest speaker at Shakespearia Theatre Festival in Russia and is a regular workshop facilitator for the Shakespeare

Schools Foundation.



One large classroom

Up to 18 participants*


English Level:


Intermediate to Advanced


This workshop can be easily adapted for different levels of English abilities - we will contact you before the workshops and will adjust the content to match the needs of your class.


Workshop Length Options:


Up to 5 hours (split in a way that works with your school day)


A trained Hello Drama facilitator with heaps of experience working with Shakespeare for students learning English.

Total Price:

€450 (excl. VAT)


Check out our FAQs or send us an email!

*If you need to add more, just let us know. We can arrange for two facilitators to be in the workshop. 

"Whether you want to focus on building trust, bringing energy into a group or reviewing vocab, Hello Drama's got a drama game for you." - Mvr Ermens

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