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CSI Shakespeare

Crime Scene Investigation - Murder Mystery
Workshop Focus: Romeo and Juliet / Communication / Teamwork 
50 mins or 60 mins via Zoom

Looking for an exciting way to introduce your class to Shakespeare? Look no further!

There's been a murder in Verona, Italy. The victim has not been identified and the murderer is nowhere to be seen. All that's been found is a suitcase. Can your students work as a team to crack codes and solve puzzles against the clock? Only one way to find out...

In this online workshop, your students will work live with a British facilitator in character as a detective, to identify the murderer, their motive, the murder weapon and the victim before the end of the lesson. Students will be provided with case files packed with information to help them solve the crime.

Students are encouraged to speak in English, as this is the only way they will be able to communicate with the detective. The main aim of the workshop is to give students an insight into Romeo and Juliet with the opportunity to practise their English in a creative way.

This workshop has been designed for students who have had at least one year of English classes. It is a perfect introduction to some of the characters and key plot points of Romeo and Juliet. It has been developed by head facilitator Abbie working alongside a professional escape room designer. Abbie has worked as a freelance facilitator and workshop designer for the world's largest youth theatre festival, the Shakespeare School's Festival since 2015 and has been a guest speaker at Shakespearia, and international student theatre festival in Voronezh, Russia. 

Available to:

Secondary schools anywhere in the world. The workshop is online and completely live. 


  • Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Thinking outside the box

  • Confidence building

English Level:

  • Intermediate / Advanced


We recommend that your students have had at least one year of English classes before doing this workshop. There is no upper limit for language ability for this workshop. We will contact you before the workshops and will do our best to adjust the content to match the needs of your class.


Access to Zoom

Ability to print the case files before the workshop

Up to 14 participants - have more? Don't worry, we have solutions!


Workshop Length Options:

50 or 60 mins


€7 per student, per workshop (approx £6 for UK schools)

Minimum 7 students, maximum 15 in each workshop

Got more than 15 students in a class? We've got solutions! Let us know in your email and we can chat through the options (fear not, these solutions do not cost any extra!)

Lockdown life:

If your workshop is unable to go ahead on the planned date due to Covid issues at the school, you may rearrange your workshop up until the day before, completely free of charge.


Feel free to send us an email!

Shakespeare not your cup of tea?

How about CSI London? Our escape room style workshop in the basement of a London pharmacy.

"Whether you want to focus on building trust, bringing energy into a group or reviewing vocab, Hello Drama's got a drama game for you." - Mvr Ermens

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